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Off to the Library We Go!

 Today has been a lovely Saturday for Jace and I. We met up with a couple friends for lunch at BC&T then, on a whim, went to the public library. This was Jace's first trip to the library, and he loved it.
I picked up a couple books I've been wanting to read, then we hit the children's section. First, I'd like to give serious props to the Madison County Library for having a wonderful, diverse, and engaging children's section. There are educational computer games, toys, puzzles, and of course a ton of books. Jace picked out a Curious George book (which may have had something to do with the bright yellow color), and made friends with a little girl who was putting together puzzles.

It's weird that I hadn't thought about taking Jace to the library before now, because I have such fond memories of my own childhood in the Newton Falls Public Library. I remember getting the Boxcar Children books, taking part in Summer Reading Contests, attending programs, and learning how to use the computer. I would meet up with my friends there during middle school to study and work on group projects, and would struggle to walk out the front door because of how many books I was carrying. My mom took us once a week during the summer so we could all get books, and one of my prized possessions was my library card. 
I want Jace to have that as well: I want him to feel comfortable checking out books and reading what he wants. And I think starting now is as good a time as any for him to learn the magic of the library. 


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