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According to society, I'm a bad mom.

Every day on social media I see how I should and shouldn't parent. And it's made me actually feel terrible about myself of late. Because now I'm not a stay at home mom. And sometimes I just feel like I'm a bad mom. But I know that I am doing the best I can, and I know that my kid is healthy and usually happy.

So you know what, I'm just going to own up to it all. Starting from the very beginning.

I was too young (21) and not yet married when I saw the two pink lines.
I didn't always take my prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.
I had a C-section instead of a natural birth.
Even if I hadn't had the C-section, I was totally planning to get an epidural.
I breast fed and gave him formula.
I only made it to 9 months nursing instead of a full year.
I went back to work part time when he was two months old, instead of finding a way to make staying home work.
I didn't sterilize his paci every time it fell to the floor.
Even worse, I let him eat food that he's dropped on the floor.
Oh, and I didn't make my own baby food, I bought jars of it from Wal*Mart.
I let him carry a sippy cup around the house.
I still put him down for naps and bed with a sippy.
As soon as he turned 12 months, I switched him to front facing.
I let him watch tv (for more than an hour a day).
I let him cry himself to sleep on occasion.
I now work basically full-time hours away from the home.
And I let him eat Mcdonald's french fries.
I spank him when he throws his tantrums.
I have no intention of homeschooling him or any of my future children.
I let him fall and get (mildly!) hurt sometimes so he can learn
I lose my patience and have to walk away from him sometimes

I'm not a perfect mom, but I'm tired of feeling guilty for every "mistake" society deems I've made. So I'm going to start owning up to my concept of parenting. I'm going to say with confidence that yes, I work outside the home. And yes, I drop my child off with someone else a few days a week. Yes, I will be sending him to public school when the time comes.

And yes, I am still a damn good mother.

P.S. This is totally not directed at any of my mom friends (especially the awesome ones that do choose to stay home and help watch mine!). I'd like to support everyone in whatever choices are best for them and their little ones! This post was just to say that I am coming to terms with my own decisions and I'm not feeling guilty anymore :)

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