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I write about my kid a lot.
I realize that, but that's not going to stop me at all from continuing to blog about him because I kind of love motherhood and seeing him grow.
Plus, I learn so much from him.

Last night we transitioned from the crib that he's been in since birth, to the toddler bed. It was the same mattress, the same bedding and stuffed animals, and in the same spot, but it was something brand new (to him. It was a hand me down to us). So it was super exciting to play on, climb on and off of, play with the doggy on, and explore.

It was not, however, nearly so awesome when he realized that he wasn't sleeping in his crib anymore: he was sleeping in the new thing.

Normally Jace goes to sleep without issue: we lay him down, turn the music on a timer, shut out the lights and close the door. Last night it took about an hour of rocking, reading, screaming (on his part) and tears to get him to sleep. It was a scary new experience for him, even with mommy and daddy right there.

But this morning (after sleeping through the whole night till 8am!), he woke up, crawled out of bed, and walked over to the baby gate at the door. He was no longer confined to his crib: he can get up when he wants to and go. That made it so much more awesome. So today at naptime, Nathan was prepared for another long (but shorter than last night) ordeal.

Nope. Jace laid down with his sippy cup and went right to sleep.

Tonight might be different, but it seems as though he's so excited about the freedom his big boy bed gives him that he's no longer worried about missing his crib.

I think there's really a lesson to be learned here, because I am bad for dragging my feet when it comes to something new. I don't adjust well to change and I do a bit of screaming and crying. But I hold on to that feeling a lot longer than my toddler did. He seems to have moved on to the awesome perks of the bed, and I think I need to have that attitude a bit more when I'm looking for the good parts of the changes I'm dealing with.


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