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My Christmas Challenge & Traditions

Thanksgiving is over, and it is officially permissible for me to move into Christmas mode! This year for Christmas I have given myself and my family a challenge.

Each year we all think about what another person wants, what they would enjoy, and what we can afford to get them. Personally, I love Christmas shopping for my friends and family.
I adore wrapping and boxing up the items purchased, and personalizing them as best I can.

But this year I have decided to take it a step further.
This year I want to do all (or almost all) of my Christmas shopping LOCALLY.

We spend more money at the holiday's than we normally would, and I want to see that money go to my local businesses and economy. So instead of ordering everything from Amazon, this year I want to shop at the locally owned businesses that help make Berea the wonderful small town that it is.

Nathan and I are going to spend some time in Old Town (the Artisan village in town), and perusing shops we haven't spent much (or any) time in. We're going to browse the local winery's and distillery's for some friends and family, take advantage of my working time at the Artisan Center, and support our state.

 We want to be able to give gifts that have a story, that have personality, or that we may even make ourselves (Make It, Take It Give It). And, since we hope to stay in Berea awhile, we want to make some family Christmas traditions that are local. Jace is still too little to really remember or appreciate the memories, but I have my own family Christmas traditions that I remember from young childhood on, and I want my children to have the same.

Here are the Traditions the Kouris Family will be starting (or continuing) this season.

1.) Take Jace to see Santa and get a picture with him and Christmas puppy.

2.) Go to Baldwin Farms (even if we can't get a live tree this year)

3.) See Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park

4.) Bake Christmas cookies together

5.) Decorate the Christmas Tree together

6.) Send out Christmas Cards (including one to a solider)

7.) Do Five Random Acts of Kindness

8.) Watch Christmas movies (Rudolph, Charlie Brown, It's a Wonderful Life)

9.) Christmas Eve Box: New pj's, Christmas movie, book and snacks

10.) Leave out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer

11.) Listen to Christmas music as much as possible

12.) Remember the real meaning for Christmas, and read the biblical story

I hope as you head into Christmastime you enjoy your traditions, and maybe make some new ones!


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