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Check In #1

It's been almost four weeks since I decided to hold myself accountable for my fitness and health.
So I thought I'd write a quick post to update (and add that I actually have stuck with it!).

I am still diligently tracking my calories and exercise with Lose It, which is seriously the best app for me. I know how many calories I consume, and I can even plan out my day to see if I have room for a little treat.

I have become so mindful about what I eat (and the money I am saving!) Seriously, by not stopping for breakfast at McDonald's on my way to work, and not grabbing a Sonic Nerds Slush a couple times a week I am noticing that my bank account is much happier with me.

I wake up and work out 5 days a week. Some workouts are much more intense than others (I discovered Jillian Michael's workout videos on YouTube. They, without fail, kick my butt), but I do them. And, no matter how hard it is to start, at the end I'm convinced that it was well worth the time.

I still have my glass jars in the kitchen, and moving the marbles works well for me. So far I've only had to move one back because I gained instead of lost, and it hasn't happened again.

All those motivational quotes I pinned to my Pinterest board? I took them a step further by printing them out and putting them up around my house. I'm a visual person, so when I see those quotes, they help me stay motivated.

Here's my tracking from my starting weight to now:

Pounds Down: 7.2

Longest Plank Time:  1min 6sec. (originally 47 seconds)

Future Goal!
So, my initial goal was for my 24th Birthday and a 5K, which is good, but now I've found an additional goal to keep me going. Did you know that Disney has a Princess Half Marathon Weekend?

I didn't until very recently. and now I must do it.
I must dress like Princess Belle (Yellow running shorts, yellow top, and a red rose in my hair perhaps?) and I must run 13.1 miles through Disney.

It seems to be held in February, so my goal is to run it February 2015. Anybody wanna come with??

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