In thankfulness Thanksgiving

Thankful Thanksgiving

During November a large number of my friends post daily statuses with something they are thankful for. It's a very nice change of pace from the usual melancholy, dramatic, "woe is me" type of posts that tend to clutter my Facebook feed.
But I didn't take part in that challenge because, honestly, I don't post on Facebook daily.
However, I still have 30 things to be thankful for to celebrate the appreciative month of November.

1.) Jace Alexander.

2.) A loving, patient, and spontaneous husband that I've been married to nearly two years.

3.) Understanding and caring friends.

4.) A spiritual home at River of Life.

5.) Good health and a strong body.

6.) The ability to help provide for my family.

7.) A warm and safe home.

8.) Family: both biological and chosen.

9.) Date nights with my husband.

10.) All four seasons and the unique weather that comes with them.

11.) Good conversations.

12.) Tea with honey.

13.) Books.

14.) Jesus.

15.) Old friendships that weather time and distance.

16.) The freedom to speak my mind.

17.) Pinterest.

18.) Forgiveness.

19.) Playdates for rambunctious toddlers.

20.) Girl time.

21.) A unique small town to call home.

22.) Hot bubble baths.

23.) Quiet, rainy days.

24.) New experiences.

25.) Honesty.

26.) Thrifty living and DIY projects.

27.) New friendships.

28.) Motherhood.

29.) Nourishing food.

30.) Life.

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