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{She Speaks Truth to Herself}

Dear Camille,

We're going to be painfully honest here, so be prepared.

You are strong. When you were 18 you got your first tattoo, the symbol for strength/power because you wanted a reminder to be strong. You ARE strong. Stop doubting that. Stop feeling weak when the depression flares up. You are strong enough to keep living with it, strong enough to mourn babies, and strong enough to see your family through trying times.

But you are stubborn. You don't like to budge when you've decided something. This trait serves you well sometimes, but at others you have taken it too far and it has cost you. You need to start recognizing in yourself when you are fighting for what's right or simply digging in your heels.

And you are impatient. You know this, you admit to it, but it is bad. It ties in with that stubbornness and results in some ugly words and ineffective fights.

Sometimes you have a temper, and you hurl words as your weapon. And you do so quite effectively, much to the dismay of those around you. But as you've gotten older, you have gained more control of this trait, and a greater ability to regulate your words by simply walking away.

You are a good mom. You are the best mom for Jace. And those seeds of doubt about your two miscarriages being because God didn't feel you were going to be a good mom are lies. They are terrible thoughts that you need to fight against, because you are a selfless, loving, book-reading mom.

And you need to hear this, though you are quite uncomfortable with praise: you are good. You are loyal to your people and quick to defend and protect them. You are an empath and intuitive which gives you great insight into what other's are feeling and therefore how to treat them. You have a soft heart and a welcoming smile. And you are loved.

Don't let life run you down, and don't focus on your negative traits. Keep your head up and keep using your abilities to serve others and continue to cultivate your relationships. Be optimistically realistic and keep on dancing to your Disney songs.



Catherine Valentine, a dear friend and fellow author challenged me to write this letter, check out hers here.

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