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Tom Hanks, Preschool Pen Pals & Negative Ions [June Learning]

Another month has passed, and we're over halfway through 2016. What did I learn/do in June to stop accepting crap in my life?

I stood up for myself.

This month I started advocating for myself in my relationships. Instead of backing down each time, I started standing up for myself and advocating for me. This is still an aspect of my life that I need to work on, and I still need to learn how to say no, but learning to stand up for myself for what is good for me is a huge step in the right direction.

And it was really quite a month of learning, here's my regular learning for June:

1.) Calm

A coworker introduced me to this site. It's so soothing when in the stress of work or to fall asleep to at night.

2.) Four year olds can be adorable pen pals

Gabby sent mail to me (yay, I love mail!) and Clay made a card for Jace. He was so excited about it and carried it around with him for the next few days.

3.) Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are articles claiming that these little lamps give off negative ions, which are what are put off by waterfalls, fresh air etc. Electronics put off positive ions. I got a set of two, one for my desk at work and one for home figuring I'll take what I can get to improve my mood, and if nothing else, they look pretty!

4.) "America's Got Talent" is not actually about Americans who have talent.

I watched about half of the season premiere, and saw ballerinas from Russia and a group from Latin America. I had assumed based on the title that the show was about Americans, but a more accurate name would be "Talents from people wherever around  the world on an American stage judged by American judges." Not quite as catchy I suppose.

5.) I have an addiction to ThredUp and summer dresses.

I love ThredUp, which Emily posted about discovering last month in her learning linkup. It's fantastic and new things are added constantly, so if you see nothing on Monday, by Wednesday you may find 25 things you totally need. And dresses. I decided just to do a count, I could wear a different dress to work every day for a month. A full month before I would repeat any.

6.) Linking up is hard to do.

Throughout the life of this blog a couple blogging friends have put out link ups, which I've generally participated in. And of course, I love this monthly link up of learning: it's basically my guarantee to post once each month. But this month I decided to try and host my own link up, and my link was the only one. I think before I try again I'm going to do a little research to see how to get my blog out there more, and try to come up with something that more people might be interested in blogging about.

7.) I was in the same space as Tom Hanks (and totally missed him).

I went to the night market in Cleveland this month (FANTASTIC, by the way.) And do you know who else was there: Tom Hanks. I didn't find this out until after the event, but it's still kind of cool. And the night market? I will most certainly be going again because the food was amazing, the vendors were fun, and I got to see the Chinese Dragon roam the street. It might be my favorite Cleveland event.

Thanks to Emily for her monthly learning link ups (be sure to check out her post to see other learning posts from June!)

What did you learn in June?

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