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Physical Knick-Knacks

After creating my first link-up, I decided to do some searching for others, just to immerse myself further into the blogging world.

And I stumbled upon a blog that challenged to think about what items your kids will remember of you.

My mom had a gold watch with a black face: a present from my dad. Whenever we were going out somewhere (an awards assembly, a birthday dinner, shopping at Wally-World) she would  put it on. I remember there was only one jewelry counter she could ever go to to get the battery replaced because the back was so stubborn.

My papa had a red fisherman's hat that he lived in during vacations and summer, and really most of the time. When he passed away that was what I wanted to keep to remember him by. It's still in my bedroom today. He had a little brown plastic teddy bear that lived on the dashboard of his truck, and then his van. That's what my sister kept. Those items, they were him.

When Jace is older, when he looks back at his childhood, what item will he think of when he thinks of "mom?"

I have a deep hope that it's not my cell phone, which I (and the rest of the general population) never leave home without. I don't want him to remember the Fitbit always on my wrist, or the ever present laptop/surface.

Here's what I want him to remember: this bag.

This is my go to "adventure" bag. It goes to the pool, to the beach, to Rock Creek. It's been taken on picnics to the park, baseball games, and outdoor movies. This is the bag that took Christmas presents to Mimi and Grandpa's house, and went on vacation to Florida.

Packing this bag means something fun is about to happen, and I want him to associate me with packing up that bag for whatever was happening next.

Do I actually get a say in which item he remembers? Of course not, but when I think about my best memories with Jace, they happen when we're adventuring, and those are the memories I will always treasure with my favorite boy.

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