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Share your Workspace {Link Up}

As I sat at my desk the other morning I thought about how personal it is to me. My workspace is covered in pictures (mostly of Jace and my friends), lots of snacks, stress relief lotion from Bath and Body Works and a couple other key pieces.

Being at Hyland I've seen the desks of minimalists (does anyone really even work at that desk with just a computer and phone?) to the super creative (in building three there is a desk that has created a Nerf Gun display wall).

And I started wondering, what do the rest of the world's workspaces look like? What kind of work do they do there? How do they find their desk to be most efficient?

Here's my little corner at Hyland Software:

What do I do? I'm a project assistant on the Financial System Implementation project. I do a lot of administrative tasks, such as taking notes, converting recordings, and the miscellaneous items that come up.

What's on my desk?

  • Three screens that give me more visibility into my projects.
  • A phone that has rang for me exactly two times in six months.
  • A Himalayan Salt Lamp for peace and calm.
  • Snacks, no explanation needed.
  • Stress reducing coloring book.
  • Pictures everywhere to make me smile.
  • A bowl for my keys.
So in my first ever link up, I'm asking, what do you do? And what does your workspace look like?

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