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Generalizing a Generation

It's been quite a while since I've posted a rant. Don't get me wrong, I've still had plenty of mental rants, but this is the first time I've been irritated enough to take pen to paper (er, fingers to keyboard?). 

What, you may ask, got me all riled up? Please see below:

Someone not far from me in age posted this on social media. Someone who, let me assure you, in her lifetime has absolutely had moments of greed and selfishness along with her moments of kindness and compassion.

To start, you cannot put this label on an entire generation of people. Any generation of people. Whether they are age 5 or 105, in any generation there are people that will meet these criteria. It's human nature for some individuals to give in to materialism, selfishness, and being irresponsible. But there are always the helpers, the selfless, those who are handing over their coat to someone whose home just burned down, who are opening their business on a Sunday to hand out food to those donating blood in wake of a tragedy.

It makes me crazy when we encourage selfish behaviors, and it makes me crazy when we state it as fact.

Finally, if you're so fed up with the way things are going, do something to change it.

Raise your children with respect and boundaries, interact with others in a way that shows selflessness and care. Yes, you are just one person, but good deeds get paid forward. Treating someone respectfully will carry out further. And before you start pointing fingers at how everyone else in your generation is awful, maybe try really analyzing yourself. Because you may not be able to change anyone else, but you can certainly try and impress kindness on your corner of the world.

And if you're concerned about "old fashioned values" coming back in style, then bring them into your own style. We live in a country built on freedom: no one stops you from going to church, or from wearing modest clothing. There's not a single old fashioned value you couldn't uphold today in your life if you so chose.

So instead of labeling everyone around you, start with yourself.

And if you need some ideas on how to reach out, maybe start with some random acts of kindness.

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