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Cleveland Summer Bucket List

A couple years ago I made a pretty extensive Summertime to do list for our home in Kentucky. Since we're in a new state, I thought this summer I would do the same to have things to look forward to doing around Cleveland, as well as combine some of my childhood summers since my hometown is only an hour away!

1.) Rock Creek
2.) Geneva on the Lake
3.) Trumbull County Fair
4.) Cleveland Zoo
5.) Outdoor Movies at Crocker Park 
6.) Putt-putt
7.) Memphis Kiddie Park
8.) Camp in the backyard
9.) Make s'more (we've already done this. But more s'mores y'all!)
10.) Water balloon fight
11.) Hikes in the metroparks
12.) See Finding Dory in theaters!
13.) Go to the Drive In
14.) Brandywine Waterfall
15.) Nelson Ledges
16.) Berea Pool
17.) Presque Isle State Park
18.) Great Lakes Science Center
19.) Visit Sweet Moses old fashioned ice cream shop
20.) Days at the beaches of Lake Erie!

Local friends, what am I missing that is a must do for the summer?

Not local friends, what are some summer staples I've missed?

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