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Breaking the Norm

Two years ago, I looked like this:

I hovered within 7 pounds of my goal weight, ran a couple miles every morning, and was in the best physical shape I had ever been in.

Now, well let's add about 60 pounds to that weight, definitely not in the best shape, but still able to work out and move.

When word got out that I was going to start teaching a dance fitness class every week at church, someone came up to me and asked, "Are you leading the dance class?"


She glanced up and down my overweight frame before saying, "Well are you like doing a video and opening the church?"

"No, I'm teaching it. I'll be up there doing all the moves and showing the variations from high to low impact."


We tend to think of people at my size as unhealthy and out of shape. It's easier to think they're just lazy than think that there are different body sizes and versions of healthy.

But I think that, right now, this size is good. Why? Because it encourages others. If I can do it, at over 200 pounds, it's that much easier to believe that someone else not in good shape can come to the class. I'm not going to be standing in front showing off how skinny and perfect I look, I'm being real. I'm a real woman, struggling with my weight and body issues, and still showing up every Tuesday night to do a 40 minute dance fitness workout. I'm red faced, out of breath, and embracing that it's hard.

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