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Things I'm Loving {July '17}

What am I loving in July?

1.) Bubble tea smoothies

Much better than just regular bubble tea, and extremely refreshing after a spicy Thai meal.

2.) Killing my step goal 

Two big contributers to this: Maverick (new pupper) needs to be walked, and walking two dogs means more steps. And the second is regularly teaching dance fitness, meaning practicing so I don't look too silly when I'm trying to teach. My average week steps lately are about 90,000 steps (approx. 12K steps per day).

3.) Having the answers 

Four months into my job, I no longer have to pester Annette with questions constantly. People at Hyland are starting to reach out directly to me with the travel and expense questions, and I'm able to help them!

4.) Caesar Milan 

Maverick is about 5 years old, has had no accidents in the house, and overall is a very good dog. However, having two dogs, and introducing them to be friends, is a lot of work. And because I don't like to do things blindly, I've been watching Caesar on YouTube trying to learn how to create a dog pack and be a good pack leader.

5.) Upcoming Summer Festivals/Events/Fun! 

One of my favorite parts of summer is all the fun things to do. Just to do still in July includes an outdoor screening of Moana at work, the Night Market, a trip to the zoo with friends, a trip to the splash pad with other kiddos, and Potterfest (and yes, all three of us have Harry Potter T-shirts to wear)!

What are you loving this July? What is bringing a grin to your face and joy to your heart? Link up below and share the good things!

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