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We Have Your Dog

We adopted him from the local shelter last month, picking him up from the vet's office on a Thursday night after he was neutered. Apparently you either didn't have means or the desire to get him fixed.

Did you know that he was found as a stray in Elyria? Maybe he escaped from your backyard (he's done that to us a couple times). Maybe you looked for him, maybe you never did. Maybe you weren't even his first home, but the way he bounded onto my bed that Thursday night, it's pretty clear he lived in someones house at some point in time.

Did you know that he has bad dental disease? On a scale of 1-4, his teeth are at a 3 and he's going to need to go see the vet again for a thorough dental cleaning and hopefully won't need any teeth extracted. But don't worry, he's on a healthy diet now, and has dental chewing bones, so they're already starting to look better.

We've named him Maverick, and it took him less than three days to begin to respond to it. We call him Mavi for short, and he's just now starting to realized after a month that this is his new home and he's allowed to get attached to us. He's really a good dog, you must have worked with him and loved him at some point. He came to our house already knowing how to sit, give paw, lay down, and even stay. He's such a people-pleaser too, he looks to us for approval with almost everything he does.

He's a beautiful, five year old, brindle baby.

And here's the most important thing for you to know about your dog: he's not your dog anymore.
He's our dog. He's part of our family now.

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