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Mom Moments (Part 12)

Me: Hey dad, we're heading to the 5K, the dog is coming with us so you'll have the house to yourself for a couple hours.
Jace: Yeah, so you can do anything you want to, except break the windows!

Me scrolling Facebook: Aww, cute puppers!
Jace: Aww, puppers! I love both puppers and catters.
Me: Did you just say catters?
Jace: Yep, that's what I call cats.

Playing Sorry
Jace: Tough life said the kitty!
Elise: What??
Jace: That's what mom said!
Everyone turns to look at me.
Me: Tough titty said the kitty. It's what my mom used to say to us sometimes when we were kids.
Jace: Oh, then tough titty said the kitty!

Jace: You're not the boss of the whole world dad. Cops are the boss of the whole world.

After church, where they learned about God creating the world.
Jace: I just can't believe God had all the ingredients to make the world!!

We give Finding Nemo style high fives (Give me some fin. Noggin. Duuuude.) 
Me: I bet Miss Jess would know how to do a Finding Nemo high five!
Jace: Yeah! Let's go find my grown up friend!

Nathan and Jace sitting on the couch a week after Nathan burned his hand on the grill and Jace just burned his finger on a sparkler. 
Jace: Dad. I know my burn is littler than yours, but I promise you it hurts worser.

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