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A Musical Shout Out!

An unbelievable, life-altering opportunity.
That is what a friend of mine has had fall into her lap. Alex and I were roommates from freshman year on at Berea College. She was a music major, specifically vocal. Voice is her passion, and she is planning to attend graduate school to further her ability. But, out of nowhere, an unbelievable opportunity came her way. She has been invited to sing in ITALY. She would spend three weeks there: three weeks of learning, performing, and growing as an artist.
So now she is passionately undertaking the task of fundraising to find a way to get there.
She is going to be doing a fundraising concert, and has put up a website. If you are able to donate she has some cool and fairly amusing payments you can claim. Here is the web address:

If you're interested in hearing her sing, here is her YouTube channel:

It's exciting to get to see someone live their dream, and it's even more exciting to get to help make it a reality.


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