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Today is another "when did I become a single mom?" day. Basically, I'll see my other half about 11 tonight. So, spending the time to prep food for a nice dinner wasn't really on the top of my priority list. Last night, however, I went all out.
I found a recipe on Pinterest for Parmesan Ranch Chicken Strips. I've made it at least twice a month since I discovered it. Hubby loves it, baby loves it, and it's baked not fried which makes me feel a bit better about it.  This is the original recipe, but I would give a little advice. I cut the chicken into thin strips or nugget sized chunks. Also, the original recipe makes a LOT of breading. And once you've dipped chicken in it, it cannot really be saved. So I make less than the amount called for and can bake it for a shorter time.
However, I no longer stop there. I've found that ranch and marinara go extremely well together, so I take the chicken strips and use them in chicken Parmesan.
Nathan raves over it, and he is a self-declared foodie, so I tend to feel pretty accomplished when he talks about how good something was hours or even days later, and requests it again. I've also made it and had a friend over to eat, she greatly enjoyed it too!
If you end up loving this and think you might like other recipes I have found, I have a board on Pinterest titled Recipes Worth Making Again. I only move things to that board that I have successfully made and enjoyed (or I thought was okay and the hubby loved it). Another time I'll have to post my recipe for Peanut Butter Soup: every time I mention it I get the question "What's that?" so I'll have to make it and share some pictures. That is one dish that EVERY time I have ever made it I have been asked for the recipe (which I originally got from an adventurous eating friend).


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