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Props to the Single Moms

Single moms. And mom's that are the spouses of active military. How do they do it??
I am not a single mom, I have an excellent partner that loves our son and is very engaging and active in his life. However, he is also a college student. That is set to graduate in a month. So for the last two weeks (and this week will be the same) I think I've gotten a modest taste of single parenthood.
Nathan wakes up in the morning and helps with either Jace or Luna (we alternate who has to go out in the cold at 7am) and then he gets himself ready to go for the day. Two days a week he comes home for lunch, usually while Jace is napping, and then he is gone again. Normally he then gets home a little after 5, which is about the time I could use ten minutes to myself. Or just some conversation. However, with all the chaos in the final weeks before graduation 5:00 has vanished as the end of my single shift. Now it's more likely to be 8. Maybe 9. The latest so far has been 11:30.
Now I'm not saying it is more than I can handle, humans are amazing for their ability to adapt, but I will say this: it is extraordinarily lonely to not have him here to help me. And it gives me a new respect for the women of the world that care for their children alone always, or for extended periods of deployment. I am not sure how they do it, but they have my unabashed awe and applause.

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