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Protect the Fur Babies!

If it wasn't already obvious from my posts: I am an animal lover. And protector. And advocate. And I fulfilled a dream two months ago when I adopted the adorable Luna from an animal shelter (she's my first ever dog).
Earlier this year I fostered a couple of kitties that I named Vadar and Leia. Today, I'm fostering again. TLC Animal Refuge  has had a lot of pregnant and new-mom kitties show up, so I volunteered to take in a litter until they can find their forever homes.
They got here today: Momma cat is named Wendy, she will be heading to Petsmart in Richmond soon to help find her forever home. She is SUPER sweet, likes other cats, and even likes Luna! I'm already in love with her, so I want her to find an amazing home where she will get lots of love and attention.

Oh, they all have an extra toe! They are Hemingway or Polydactyl cats!

The kittens don't have names yet, so I get to name them! Right now they're still a bit skittish, but with my very hands on approach I don't think it will take long to get them social and loving.
If you're reading this and in the Berea/Richmond area I urge you to consider fostering: they provide the food/litter etc, and you would truly be helping to save a life. All you need is to make a little space for them and take the time to give a little love. There is no love like the love you receive from an animal, especially one that you've rescued.
And, if you're interested, there three cuties need forever homes, do you think that could be with you?
For further contact here is the facebook page to see adoptable pets and how you can help!

And, it seems obvious, but if you have pets PLEASE have them spayed or neutered! There are too many animals put down every day, help stop this by being responsible pet owners.

I'll continue adding pictures of them as well:


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