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Facebook is great, a waste of time too, but I love that it allows me to stay connected with people I would otherwise have lost touch with. However, it only allows me to see a tiny glimpse of their life. Of course, those that I am closer with I also keep in touch with via telephone/text etc. Or in person.

But I've recently found that blogging is such a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level to those I do not often spend time in person with (and even those I do!). When people write they are better able to share what they are thinking and feeling because they have time to edit, to change, and to phrase their thoughts in the most accurate way possible.

For example, I've known Holly and Kelly since freshman year, but getting to see their insight through their writing make me feel closer to them. Not to mention the laughs: they have decided to do a sporadic but ongoing series called "Schtuff Twin Girls Say." Please, read it and chuckle.

I've also discovered how nice it is to bond through blogging: my friend Victoria is a newly-wed and I love getting to see her learning to be a wife because I know that I am still learning as well and feel closer. I also get to share in excitement (like getting her wedding pictures), and remember how much fun it was for me to go through all of my wedding pictures!

Even those who post only sporadically at best make me happy because I still know that I am seeing more of their life than Facebook would allow me to be part of. My friend Gabby and I went through pregnancy together and now our son's are growing up together and reaching milestones. I know that we are bonded for life over this, even stronger than we were before.

I wish more friends of mine would blog (hint hint to those reading this!), or if you do have a blog, comment and let me know the web address so I can check it out! It's not always easy to find a time to skype or get together, but it's still important to know what our friends are feeling.

And I hope that my friends get to know more about me through my blogging and my writing challenges!


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