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Challenging my Writing Self

All right, time to be serious. I can only improve as a writer if I write. Consistently. With discipline.
So I have started a blog for my writing challenges. Unlike this blog, I will post every day, and I will find different challenges. Currently I will be doing a 30 day challenge that I found on Pinterest, after that I will move onto something new. I'd like to have a variety: poetry, letters, emotional prompts, fictitious prompts, and whatever else I can come across.

If you're interested I'd love for you to check it out, and maybe do the same! Or if writing isn't your thing, make a commitment to something else that you are passionate about that has fallen by the wayside. My husband swears he used to be interested in drawing, but in our three years together I have rarely seen him draw. So maybe I should challenge him to do one sketch a day, just for the next month, and see if that reignites his passion.
 If you do take on a challenge I'd love to hear about it, and follow the progress if you choose to document it in a blog!


A couple friends of mine have opted to do the writing challenge too!
Here is their blog:

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