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Go Outside!

No, seriously. Whether it's for 15 minutes or for most of the afternoon, GO OUTSIDE!
Where I'm sitting it's about 70 degrees, sunshine, and a spring breeze. What could be more perfect? I've gone on two walks today, both of them about two miles in distance, and I feel great. A little tired, but great. Of course I feel better having walked for a cause: today Autism and the ASPCA.
My hubby and I both ate lunch sitting out on the back deck, and Jace is loving the warm weather. He adores being outside.

Jace now has his own chair on the back porch to hang out with me and daddy.

Luna is definitely my dog, she loves the sunshine as much as I do!

I also picked up some flowers for the back porch today, aren't they stunning?

Go out, take a walk, head to the park, play with some sidewalk chalk, blow bubbles, just embrace the day!
Hope your adventures bring you joy!


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