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A Very DIY Week!

I am an addict.
A Pinterest addict.
I spend entirely too much time sifting through images of delicious food, brilliant craft ideas, and interesting facts and tidbits.
Of course, I don't feel as bad about it because I actually DO a lot of the things that I pin, rather than just pin them and forget about them.
So this week I got super ambitious and thrifty.
First, I made my own laundry detergent. It works so well, smells amazing, and is so much cheaper! Now, since I do laundry for three people (plus the pets on occasion), I do an awful lot of laundry. Which uses a lot of detergent. So this savings is going to be such a blessing. Here  is the blog where I got the recipe (not to mention her other fun and crafty ideas!)

Second, I made my own dishwashing tablets for the dishwasher. Again, three people that mostly eat at home create a lot of dishes. And the Cascade dishwasher tablets are expensive. Here  is the recipe! Obviously I just put my homemade ones in with the remaining Cascade ones, but I've done one load in the dishwasher and am so far pleased with the results!

Third, I made my own dryer sheets. I bought two $.47 washcloths and wonderful smelling fabric softner for $3.47. I soaked them, let them dry, and can now use each of them in about 10 loads in the dryer. So far I've only done one load in the dryer, but I'm hopeful that they will last the 10 times!

What are some DIY projects you've attempted that have succeeded?


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