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Forever a Kid at Heart

   I didn't post this weekend because I was lucky enough to have my parents come down and stay for a visit. I love getting to see them, but at the same time it still seems so bizarre. It's been almost 5 years since I actually "lived" at home, and our visits are now less and less frequent because somewhere along the line I became a grownup. I have my own family and responsibilities, bills to pay, work to attend to, and pets to care for.

   Yet, whenever my parents come down part of me still reverts back to a childish state of mind where I will always act as though my parents know best. I want them to make the decisions for what we will do, and on some level I want my mom to take care of me. We even do a lot of the same things that we did when they would come down to visit me my freshman year, we go out to eat, go shopping, my mommy spoils me by not letting me pay for anything... the only real difference is that we stay at my townhouse instead of a hotel and mom spoils her grandson to the moon and back.
   Most of the time I am very content and happy with my role as a mom and wife. But sometimes it does make me a little sad that I will never be a kid again: carefree and ready to take on the world. I won't live in the bedroom that was always mine, I will never again call Newton Falls my home. However, I know that I was ready to move on with my life, and ready for the challenges I have taken on. It's just that being around my parents makes me think, and, as always, makes me remember fondly my childhood.

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